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Term Life Insurance

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How Much Do I Need?

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Term life insurance is an important financial strategy to help your loved ones and assets when you're gone.

Pay Final Costs

Help your family pay off any final costs or debt you may have

Provide an Inheritance

Give your loved ones something to live off of when you’re gone

Protect Your Business

Keep your business in capable hands

Prevent Financial Loss

Have the help you need when a key person is no longer there

Get covered for as little as $125 a year

Get a 20-year term life insurance policy for as little as $10 a month. There are a lot of life insurance plans to choose from. LifePlan Quote can help you get the term life insurance plan that best suits your needs.

Term Life Insurance
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Life Insurance Plans

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10-Year Term Life

10-year term life insurance is good for those who need coverage for a short amount of time.

20-Year Term Life

20-year term life insurance is the average amount of coverage and is the most popular choice.

30-Year Term Life

This plan is for those who need coverage for a longer period of time such as those who have a 30-year mortgage.

Life Insurance Calculator

Use our life insurance calculator to find out which plan is right and how much coverage you need.

Plan for Life's Unexpected Turns

Term life insurance can give you a way to protect your family when you’re gone. We will work with you to find the best life insurance policy for your needs.
LifePlan Quote won’t ever sell your information to 3rd parties or contact you – ever – unless you explicitly ask us to. (Other quoting websites are merely ploys to get your contact info so they can sell your contact details to salespeople.) We are a local small business and we take care of you by establishing a personal relationship.

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Taking a Life Insurance Policy out on Your Parents

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Buying Life Insurance in Your 20’s Vs Your 40’s

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